Active Transportation is Getting Easier on Hungary Road! 

Active transportation is a great way to reduce harmful gas emissions into the environment. It’s easier and more enjoyable with the right community infrastructure. That is why Henrico County is celebrating construction of new sidewalks along Hungary Road! The 0.7 miles of sidewalk has the potential to improve the way thousands of county residents live. Not only will residents be able to safely travel alongside roads, but they also will be able to cross at key intersections where new pedestrian crossings will be added. 

That’s not all! ADA-accessible ramps will be included in the construction to ensure safe travel for everyone. Soon, residents will have safe access to two parks, two schools, two shopping centers, several places of worship, restaurants, four grocery stores and thousands of residences! 

Think about how YOU can reduce your negative environmental impact by changing your transportation habits. Walking, jogging, bicycling and other forms of active transportation will soon be safer and easier than ever with Henrico’s continued efforts to make the community more accessible.

Please go GREEN and use the new sidewalks whenever possible. If each of us does what we can to reduce our carbon emissions, we’ll begin to see improvements in our quality of air AND our quality of life.     

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