It is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works to treat and remove snow and ice on County roadways when storms occur during cold weather months. During major snow events, it is not uncommon to have in excess of 120 vehicles assisting in the snow and ice removal effort. When major inclement weather events occur, Public Works’ crews work around the clock, on 12-hour shifts, to clear and chemically treat roadways. Additional personnel from other County departments are utilized when necessary to supplement the Public Works’ crews. Outside contractors are also utilized to assist County personnel and equipment.

Snow and ice removal equipment has improved dramatically over the years. During the 1950’s, a crew of 5 persons would be assigned to the dump truck to assist with snow removal efforts. Workers would be positioned in the back of the dump bed, utilizing shovels to spread sand and cinders onto the road. The chemical treatment of roads involved 2 workers in a dump bed of the truck dumping bags of salt into a mechanical hopper, which in turn spread the salt over the roadways.

Today, our equipment is much improved. Large tandem dump trucks, carrying up to 10 tons of salt or sand, can be spread on a road utilizing only 1 person in the vehicle. The trucks are equipped with ground speed chemical spreaders and hydraulically controlled reversible snow plows. Liquid salt solutions such as magnesium chloride are currently being considered for use to assist with the snow and ice removal effort.

Wondering about County closings due to bad weather weather?

Check out Television Channels 6, 8 and 12 for the latest weather conditions
and Radio Station WRVA 1140AM for local school closings, business and local/state government agencies

Latest weather conditions and predictions along with local Radar displays.

Key Phone Numbers during snow emergencies

  • Henrico
    • Snow Removal (Day): 501-4393
    • Snow Removal (Night) Western Henrico: 727-8300
    • Snow Removal (Night) Eastern Henrico: 652-3975
    • Employee Hotline – 501-4663 Govt offices currently operating


  • Other Key Phone Numbers
    Travel Conditions
  • Highway conditions: 1-800-367-ROAD
  • Travelers Aid Society: 643-0279
  • Richmond Airport: Call your airline, found in the phone book business section.
  • Amtrak: (800) 523-8720

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