The Standing Water Initiative

The Henrico County Standing Water Initiative promotes an integrated approach to mosquito management. Services and educational programs are provided to reduce the possibility of mosquito transmitted disease, such as West Nile virus, and reduce human discomfort associated with large mosquito populations.  The Standing Water Initiative accomplishes its mission by offering free mosquito inspections, conducting larval and adult mosquito surveillance, applying mosquito larvicides to standing water on county property and providing education and outreach services to community groups and schools.

There are 42 different mosquito species in Henrico County.  The Asian tiger mosquito is one of the most common species, generating 99% of our mosquito complaints.  This mosquito is a “backyard breeder” and homeowners play an important role in the reduction of Asian tiger mosquitoes.  Any container-like item holding water for seven days or more is a potential breeding site.  Children’s toys, bird baths, flowerpot saucers, tarps, old tires, etc… must be emptied once per week.  It only takes a few tablespoons of standing water for mosquitoes to complete their life cycle.  Our “PICK-A-DAY to FIGHT-the-BITE” campaign provides simple steps to help residents and to encourage mosquito-smart communities throughout Henrico County.

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