Public Relations & Media Services is a three-tiered, comprehensive communications department including public relations and information; television services; and audio-visual tech service. Agency functions include media relations, public awareness campaigns, HCTV-Channel 17 operations, crisis communications, publications, web design, photography and other products and services offered by the department. The department directs the county’s communications program and increases awareness and understanding of government activities and policies to corporate and private residents, civic organizations, the media, county officials, employees, and other jurisdictions throughout the Commonwealth and the nation.

Henrico County Television (HCTV Channel 17) is on the air around the clock broadcasting original programs, news and information about county events. In addition, Public Relations & Media Services assists internal departments with video production and audio-visual presentation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a speaker for our organization’s meeting? How can I obtain a phone directory? How can I receive a newcomer packet? Call Public Relations & Media Services at 501-4257.

How can I advertise on Channel 17? HCTV airs information about county events and services only. Unfortunately, we cannot promote activities or programs, even those for non-profit or charitable organizations, unless they are specifically offered or sponsored by Henrico County Government. To find out if your event qualifies, call Public Relations & Media Services at 501-4257.

Can I get a copy of one of the programs I saw running on HCTV -17? Yes. Just call Public Relations & Media Services at 501-4257.

How can I get HCTV-17 at home? HCTV is available to Henrico residents subscribing to Comcast, or Verizon. For more information, call 501-4257.


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