1. Who developed henrico.us/transparency and henrico.us/public-data?Henrico County’s transparency portal and public data webpages were created in-house using existing resources. Both sites are managed by the County Manager’s Office and supported by the Department of Information Technology.
  2. Why did Henrico create henrico.us/transparency and henrico.us/public-data?Simply put, our business is your business. Having one portal to access all of our community’s information empowers our customers and workforce to make data-driven decisions. Transparent governments are more efficient and have a more-informed citizenry, which allows the community as a whole to better plan for the future.
  3. Who is responsible for the information and data?The County Manager’s Office coordinates with individual departments to produce and publish the information and data into this centralized portal. Each piece of information and data is produced and published by individual departments. If you have questions about Henrico’s transparency portal, email [email protected]. Questions about specific pieces of information or datasets should be directed to the appropriate department.
  4. How do I suggest a new piece of information or dataset?Send an email to [email protected], and we will get the conversation started to see what is possible.
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