Henrico launches survey on residents’ communication preferences

Henrico County is conducting a brief survey to guide and expand how it shares information with the community. 

The survey asks respondents to rank eight ways the county currently provides public information about initiatives, programs and services. The survey also offers opportunities to provide feedback and to sign up to receive the county’s electronic newsletter and text message alerts.

“We encourage all residents and other stakeholders to take a few minutes to use this survey to share their thoughts,” said Ben Sheppard, director of Henrico County Public Relations. “As a local government, we recognize the need to stay connected and understand that communication is a two-way street. We are committed to being transparent and providing reliable, timely information in ways that are helpful and meaningful to our community.”

Henrico currently shares news and information through:

In addition, county departments provide updates via their webpages and social media.

“Advancements in technology and changes to the media landscape have dramatically altered and expanded how Henrico communicates with the public,” Sheppard said. “While the ways we communicate will continue to evolve, one thing will not change. That is our commitment to staying connected to our community.”

The survey is at publicinput.com/henriconews.

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