Shane Road Recycling Center


1412 Shane Road
Henrico, Virginia 23229




7am - 7pm Seven days a week

Recycling Information

  • Recycle only newspaper, white paper, junk mail, cardboard, and beverage containers at this facility.
  • Please collapse and flatten all cardboard boxes and place them in the containers so they do not clog up the container openings. This allows patrons room for their recycling.
  • Place all recyclables in the proper container.
  • Do not leave anything (recyclables, refuse, etc.) on the ground. This causes blowing litter and is a problem for our neighbors.
  • We do not accept styrofoam, foam packing materials, or foam peanuts. Please place these packing materials in your household trash and dispose of them as you do your other refuse.
  • This facility is for recycling only and not for disposal of trash. This hurts our recycling program and costs us all money. Please dispose of your refuse properly.
  • Taking materials that are dropped off for recycling is a violation of the county code.


This facility is maintained for household use only and is not for commercial business.


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