The County of Henrico Sign Shop is responsible for many tasks in the County.

  • The fabrication, installation and maintenance of all County Signing along County Roads.
  • The application and maintenance of pavement markings of all County maintained roads.
  • The marking of County intersections for crosswalks and stop bars as well as school messages, railroad or other special messages painted on road surfaces.

The Sign Shop is one of the best equipped in the area and is capable of producing any sign needed within the County. Currently we are using a computer aided vinyl cutting plotter that is capable of cutting street signs or any other sign up to 60″ in width. The Sign Shop also fabricates signs using the silk screening process where a silk screen image is made on a light table and placed on a frame for screening signs with ink.

To report any signs, sign posts or pavement markings that need maintenance, please call 727-8296 or by E-mail.