Senior Services

Service Availability:
available over the phone   Over The Phone
available in person   In Person

Seniors can become partners with the Henrico County Police Division through the following programs:

Seniors may also take advantage of these free services we offer to help keep them safe. 

  • Home Security Audit – Schedule a free audit to see where you could improve your home’s security. 
  • Community Presentations for your group or organization about a variety of topics will help keep you and your community safe.
  • Project Lifesaver  is a rapid response program coordinated by Henrico Sheriff’s Office that aids victims and families who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and Autism. The program uses state of the art technology and specially trained officers to locate individuals who have wandered away.  For more details about Project Lifesaver,  please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 501-5860 or send an email to with your questions.



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