Tuckahoe Creek Park

This web page will be used to share information about the project, status, and meetings.

Proposed Tuckahoe Creek Master Graphic (PDF)

Tuckahoe Creek Park Project Overview & History

Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks owns 240-acres of land along Tuckahoe Creek. This land is comprised of several non-contiguous parcels that stretch across Three Chopt and Tuckahoe Magisterial Districts, from just south of Broad Street to just below Patterson Avenue. The land was acquired, largely through donation, between 1980 and 1991. We have long recognized the recreational potential of this wonderful resource, but have been unsuccessful in many attempts to acquire out-of-floodplain property that would allow us to create trailhead access points that could provide some basic amenities like parking, picnic tables, and perhaps restrooms. Henrico Citizens approved a project to develop a passive park here in the 1989 Bond Referendum as well as in the subsequent parks referendum in 2000.

Citizen Input

The Division of Recreation and Parks has conducted three public meetings related to this project (May 22, June 12, and November 18, 2013). These meetings allowed for public review of in-house developed concept plans for the upcoming park development. In September 2013, the county hired the engineering firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) to complete a master plan and answer development/permitting questions related to this project. VHB presented their findings at the third public meeting on November 18. VHB has completed the Tuckahoe Creek Phase I master plan and it will be presented to the board of supervisors for adoption summer 2014.

Tuckahoe Creek Park – Phase I Project Description & Funding

This project will provide a boardwalk system designed to provide public access for passive recreation activities. The boardwalk system will provide an ADA accessible access to Tuckahoe Creek for walking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, overlooks, and experiencing nature. The county intends to proceed with the first phase of development and will request the County of Henrico Board of Supervisors approve the attached Tuckahoe Creek Phase I Master Plan which provides a boardwalk system connecting Ridgefield Parkway to Old Coach Lane. County of Henrico project funding in the amount of $322,424 was provided to complete the master plan, permitting and construction of a trailhead at the end of Ridgefield Parkway. In addition to the above funding, the Division of Recreation and Parks was notified early May 2014 by the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) that the Division’s Recreation Trails Program grant request was pre-approved. DCR and the Division of Recreation and Parks are in the process of completing the grants environmental review requirements and anticipate the grant to provide funding in the amount of $260,000. Therefore, current funding and the projected DCR grant funding $322,424 plus $260,000 will bring total project funding up to $582,424 and allow approximately 75 % of the Phase I Master Plan project to be constructed.

Tuckahoe Creek Park – Phase I Project Schedule

May 2014 – Tuckahoe Creek Park – Master Plan Documentation Completed
May 2014 – DCR/FHWA Grant ($260,000) Pre-Approval Notification
July 2014 – Board of Supervisors Adopts Master Plan
September 2014 – DCR/FHWA Grant Approved
October to November 2014 –Construction Drawings Completed
November 2014 to January 2015 – Construction Permitting
Spring 2015 – On-site Construction Activities

FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
DCR – Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation


For more information, please contact Al Azzarone at (804) 501-5120.