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Welcome to the Henrico County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension. We are your connection to Virginia’s land-grant universities: Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.  We provide unbiased, objective, research-based information and educational programs to individuals, families, organizations, and communities in the three broad areas of: Agriculture and Natural Resources; 4-H Youth Development; and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Why Cooperative? We are the product of a cooperative agreement between Henrico County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the United States Department of Agriculture. We provide educational programs directed to the needs of Henrico County citizens with the assistance of many dedicated volunteers. The Henrico Extension Leadership Council helps us identify these needs and is our partner in the design, implementation, and evaluation of our education programs.

Boxwood Blight - Safeguard your Landscape

photo of Boxwood Blight - Safeguard your Landscape

Did you know that boxwood greeneries and decorations could carry the boxwood blight pathogen to your property, destroying your boxwood plantings and threatening those of your neighbors? The disease can spread quickly.  Symptoms include brown leaf spots, black streaking on stems, and defoliation.


Boxwood Blight Prevention Recommendations:

  1. It is advisable to purchase and use non-boxwood plant materials for fresh-cut greenery decorations. This is particularly important for homeowners, private and public institutions with boxwood plantings on their properties. 
  2. If fresh-cut boxwood greenery is highly desired, homeowners, private and public institutions must be sure to verify boxwood materials used are NOT infected with the boxwood blight pathogen. These practices include, but are not limited to, checking with the vendor to determine if:
    • The greenery producers are located in areas known NOT to have boxwood blight
    • The greenery producer’s materials were from his own production facility or another grower(s) and
    • His own boxwood production facility or other growers who supplied the boxwood materials have enrolled in the Boxwood Blight Cleanliness Program?
  3. When the holiday season is over, all greenery decorations need to be disposed of properly – double bagging them immediately then throwing in the trash can to be taken to the landfill without delay to avoid any unnecessary complications.
  4. Use 70% alcohol or Lysol Spray Brand III with 58% alcohol to sanitize everything that has been in contact with the greeneries and decorations.

Questions about boxwood blight in your garden?  Call the Henrico Extension Office at (804) 501-5160 or email Ed Olsen, Horticulture Extension Agent, at edo@vt.edu.

Best Management Practices for Boxwood Blight in the Virginia Home Landscape

Virginia Boxwood Blight Task Force

VCE Volunteer Civil Rights Training Module

As a volunteer in our programs, we hope you share our core values for appreciation of differences and inclusion, because as a VCE volunteer, you share our civil rights responsibility to insure that our programs and services are nondiscriminatory. Please take a moment to complete the VCE Volunteer Civil Rights Training Module.

VCE Master Gardener Volunteer Risk Management Training Module

Learn to minimize risk while presenting VCE programs to citizens of Henrico County by completing the Risk Management Essentials for Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners.

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