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A soil test can provide information on the proper amount of lime and fertilizer to apply to your lawn, garden and other areas of your landscape. When gardeners apply only as much lime and fertilizer as is necessary and at the appropriate time, nutrient runoff into surface or ground water is minimized, money is saved, and plant health is optimized. Soil testing can also be used to diagnose common nutrient deficiencies or toxicities for plants that are growing poorly.

It is recommended that the soil be tested every two to three years. Soil test kits can be picked up at your local Extension Office or any Henrico County Library. Kits are free, however, there is a fee for processing the test and kits must be mailed by the resident to Virginia Tech for processing.

In order to promote the practice of soil testing, Henricopolis Soil & Water Conservation District has established a soil test incentive program to offset the cost of soil analysis for Henrico County residents! Henricopolis will provide up to 2 coupons per household to cover the $10.00 processing fee for a standard soil test (not including postage). 

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