Improve accountability within General Government

Internal Audit assists the County Manager and the Board of Supervisors by providing objective analyses and recommendations concerning County processes and systems reviewed to ensure an appropriate level of control at a reasonable cost.

To be effective, Internal Audit must maintain independence, and therefore reports directly to the County Manager and the Audit Committee. The focus of Internal Audit is on General Government, as Schools have a separate internal audit function.



If you have information related to suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in the County of Henrico General Government operations, please report it to Internal Audit immediately. Use the link below. You can remain anonymous.
Fraud Reporting details

The County Manager on Fraud Reporting

Read the County Manager’s memo on fraud reporting.



Audit Committee

The Henrico County Audit Committee consists of two members of the Board of Supervisors and the County Manager.

2015 Committee Meetings

  • Dates to be determined, Manager’s Conference Room