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We offer our weekly pickup for $18.00 per month ($36 bi-monthly).

We offer additional super cans for $65.00 per cart.  To order an extra super can, please send email to [email protected].


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Materials We Collect:

Most household trash and garbage can be placed inside your cart. We recommend using trash bags so your cart stays clean and trash does not blow from the can when it is dumped. Place all trash in your cart. Please do not place additional bags or other materials next to the cart. Trash that is not placed inside the cart will not be picked up.

Materials We Do Not Collect:

The following are not collected even when placed in the cart: car parts and tires; furniture and other large items; hazardous or flammable materials; propane or other pressurized tanks; car batteries or other lead acid batteries; liquids such as paint, solvents, motor oil or drywall mud; construction waste such as carpeting, lumber, drywall, bricks, concrete or dirt; and ashes that have not been thoroughly cooled and soaked with water.

Why doesn’t the County provide trash collection service in my neighborhood?

Unfortunately, we do not provide service to the entire county at this time. Our refuse collection program is solely supported by our monthly service charges. We do not receive tax revenue or any general fund subsidy for this service. We normally expand our services along the periphery of our existing service area provided that customers are interested and also provided that we have an adequate number of trucks and personnel to meet the additional demand. For expansion to occur we must have money available in our fund account and be authorized in our budget for the expansion.

Trash collection evolved from sanitary districts that were set up over 50 years ago to provide water, sewer and trash collection services in the then rural areas of the county. These rural areas included Lakeside, Highland Springs, Sandston and the Glen Allen area. From these nuclei we have slowly spread south, west and east. We still have not reached the far west end or the far eastern end of the county.

Private refuse collection services are also available throughout the County. Information on available companies can be found in various resources, such as the Internet, your local phone book and other publications

If you have any questions regarding these changes or about our services, please call us at (804) 501-4275 or click here to e-mail us.

Placement of Your Containers

On your trash collection day, please place your containers to the curb by 7:00 a.m. Your cart should be at the curb with the arrows facing the street and the lid closed. Carts must be placed within eight (8) feet of the pavement and not be blocked by cars or other obstructions. They should be at least three (3) feet from mailboxes.


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