Rezoning and Provisional Use Permit – Application Forms

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Entire Application Packet – The power for localities to regulate land uses, given to it by the Commonwealth, includes approval of zoning changes in the form of a rezoning and expansion of uses through the Provisional Use Permit process. The following applications are for use in the rezoning and Provisional Use Permit process. Depending on the type and other aspects of the case, not all of the forms will be needed.

Request for Preliminary Review Meeting – requests a meeting with Planning Department staff to review the materials for submission to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

Rezoning/Provisional Use Permit Application – to request the rezoning of a specific parcel(s) from one zoning district to another or to allow expanded uses as defined in the zoning ordinance.

Proffers for Conditional Rezoning Form – allows the inclusion of voluntary conditions to be placed on the property at the request of the applicant through the rezoning process.

Amendment of Proffered Conditions Application – requests the amendment of proffers approved with a previous rezoning case.

Deferral of Zoning Request Application – Requests the Board or Planning Commission defer a rezoning/provisional use permit application from the current agenda to a future meeting’s agenda.

Power of Attorney Form – is used when the owner of the property will be represented in the matter by another individual.

VDOT Cover Sheet (Chapter 527) for Rezoning Applications – ensures all requirements of VDOT have been met.

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