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The District provides conservation planning services to local landowners and agricultural producers in order to assist them in meeting the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. The District also provides the service of writing or assisting with the development of nutrient management plans for Henrico agricultural producers in order to minimize adverse environmental effects and reduce unnecessary nutrient applications.

The VA Agricultural Best Management Practice Cost-Share program and Tax Credit Program provides cost-share assistance for agricultural producers to install or implement BMPs – agricultural practices that protect and improve water quality of the state’s streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Contact the District office for more information regarding the development of conservation plans, nutrient management plans, or to enroll in the BMP Cost-Share program.


The Gaining Ground Movies

A farming revolution is spreading across Virginia. Crop producers are switching to continuous no-till systems; livestock farmers are switching to rotational grazing. Both approaches save the farmer time and money. They also benefit the land, restoring soil health and dramatically cutting runoff and erosion. The net result is more profitable and productive farms – better water quality downstream.

In these two movies, each just 15 minutes long, a dozen Virginia farmers explain how continuous no-till and managed grazing have improved their farms and their lives. Also featured are amazing soil and water demonstrations that show how these farmers are truly gaining ground.

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