Henrico Area Water Quality Samplers (HAWQS)

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Welcome to the HAWQS Team!


Henrico Area Water Quality Samplers (HAWQS) is Henricopolis Soil & Water Conservation District’s citizen water monitoring program.  Program volunteers perform a variety of water quality tests that measure the overall health of the county’s waterways.  The program gives volunteers access to water quality data from many of the county’s waterways.  HAWQS is supported by a Citizen Water Monitoring Grant from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Volunteers are trained to monitor a basic suite of parameters that include:  temperature, turbidity, nitrite and phosphate nutrients and e. coli bacteria plating using the Coliscan method.  Supplemental trainings and projects are offered throughout the year, such as benthic macro invertebrate monitoring and stream clean up events.

Current Volunteers

Download the HAWQS field date sheet below.  Send a copy to Stacey at hef001@henrico.us.

HAWQS field data sheet:  2020 HAWQS Field Data Sheet

HAWQS data input cheat sheet:  2020 All CMC Database_Cheat Steps

Input data on the CMC site:  https://cmc.vims.edu/#/home

Check Rainfall Data on Wunderground: https://wunderground.com/history/daily/us/va/richmond/KRIC/date/2019-5-19                                  

Select the site’s zip code, click on the History tab, enter the Date(s), Scroll down to the actual precipitation and add up rainfall from 48 hours before sampling.

Contact Us

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