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The Division of Fire will provide Fire Extinguisher Training to County Employees and to Small Community Groups.  The program includes a lecture on the types of fires most likely encountered, extinguishment theory, and the proper way to use an extinguisher safely.  There will likely be a demonstration and / or an opportunity to discharge a real extinguisher.  This is a familiarization program, not a certification class.  The ideal class size is 12 – 15 students.  A Community Services Firefighter will make this 40 – 60 minute presentation. 

Note:  The Division of Fire no longer offers fire extinguisher classes for businesses.  If you have chosen, or are required to have fire extinguishers available for your employees, please consult the fire suppression company that maintains your fire extinguishers.  They may offer you training for free, or at a reduced cost. 

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