Bulky Waste Collections



Bulky Waste Curbside Collection Services are available to any Henrico County resident through TurboHaul, Inc.

Qualifying Items:

  • Leaves, yard clippings and pine tags (all must be bagged)
  • Vegetative waste (max 4′ length, max 4″ diameter)
  • Household appliances (TVs, refrigerators, freezers, washer, dryers, AC)
  • Furniture


  • Standard pile size (8’x4’x4′) with qualifying items can be serviced by TurboHaul for $67.00 per request.
  • Additional $35.00 fee per item containing “Freon”, HCFC or CFC (may include but not be limited to air conditioners and refrigerators)
  • Billing and payment are handled through TurboHaul, Inc.

TurboHaul, Inc will collect bulky waste orders within 14 calendar days of order placement.


How to Receive this Service

To schedule an order, visit TurboHaul, Inc or call/text TurboHaul at (804) 294-4443.

  • Items placed at the curb that DO NOT meet the standard pile size and qualifying criteria will not be collected at the rate of $67.00 per request.
  • Henrico Real Estate Advantage Program (R.E.A.P) participants should call (804) 501-4275 to request a Bulky Waste order.


Why is the County no longer providing bulky waste service?
Throughout the pandemic, the County has experienced increased levels of household trash in our curbside collection program (essential service). As a result, all our collection resources have been dedicated to curbside trash collection. The County has hired Turbo Haul, Inc. to provide a cost effective, dependable and efficient curbside bulky waste collection service.

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