Statement from Henrico County Sheriff Alisa A. Gregory

Jan. 28 incident involving unattended children in jail lobby, disorderly conduct

In response to news media requests and video circulating on social media, I would like to commend the staff of the Henrico Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and restraint in handling a situation that occurred Saturday, Jan. 28 at Jail West. At approximately 11 a.m., Mr. Joe Morrissey arrived with three young children and proceeded to leave them unattended in the lobby while he and an associate met with a client in our custody. Please see the attached Command Staff Alert sent at 3:16 p.m. Saturday by Lt. G. Carey.

On multiple occasions during the visit, deputies and other members of the Sheriff’s Office staff attempted to resolve the situation amicably by advising Mr. Morrissey that minor children always must be accompanied by an adult at our jail facilities, including the lobby and parking lot. This policy ensures the safety and security of the minors as well as members of our staff, visitors and others.

Despite our staff’s efforts, Mr. Morrissey refused repeated requests to comply and eventually became verbally abusive, made threatening remarks and acted in an aggressive manner to a lieutenant. Due to his actions, Mr. Morrissey’s privileges to visit Henrico’s Jail West and Jail East facilities will be suspended for 90 days. Our staff will contact Mr. Morrissey to advise him of the suspension’s effective date.

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