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Henrico Extension opens enrollment for SMART Lawns program

The Henrico County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is enrolling residents in SMART Lawns, a program that provides customized plans for growing attractive, healthy lawns.

For a $25 fee, Master Gardener volunteers will visit a home, analyze the lawn and prepare a plan for improving its condition, appearance and health. Participants will receive recommendations for fertilizer and lime as well as suggestions for environmentally friendly weed control, mowing and watering practices.

The SMART Lawns program follows the concepts of SMART — Soil test, Measure, Aerate, Right fertilizer and Trouble-free maintenance, which emphasize basic steps for lawn care.

Extension encourages enrollment now to ensure plans will be in place for the fall, the most critical season for lawn care. The deadline to sign up is Friday, Aug. 10. Go to henrico.us/extension/services to download an application or call (804) 501-5160.

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