An Opportunity to Reform: The Laurel Industrial School (HCTV)
NACIO Excellence Award Script Writing
Annual Report FY 12-13
NACIO Excellence Award Photography
Approved Annual Fiscal Plan
NACIO Meritorious Award Brochure/Publication Graphics
Henrico Firefighters to be Honored
NACIO Excellence Award News Release Writing
Henrico’s Iron: Ironclad Battles on the James River (HCTV)
NACIO Superior Award Script Writing
Henrico Launches New Alert System
NACIO Superior Award News Release Writing
Henrico Stands at Fiscal Crossroads
NACIO Superior Award News Writing
History of Henrico Recreation and Parks (HCTV)
NACIO Meritorious Award Script Writing
Inside Henrico: Spring 2013 (HCTV)
NACIO Excellence Award Video Graphics
Meals Tax Referendum Public Information Campaign: “It’s Your Decision”
VACO Achievement Award Communications
NACO Achievement Award Civic Education & Public Information
Rabies: A Risk for All Seasons
NACIO Excellence Award News Writing
Strumming up the Past (HCTV)
NACIO Meritorious Award One-Time Programming