Henrico County, a progressive employer of choice, offers internship opportunities for high school and college students to develop skills and experience relevant to their course of study. We are committed to creating challenging, meaningful, relevant work experiences for students. To learn about future internship opportunities in your area of study, contact our Internship Program staff at 501-7206 or 501-4425 or e-mail at lum@henrico.us or spo001@henrico.us. All internships will have specific learning goals identified by the student as being core to their academic and career development. The County will strive to ensure a balance between the intern’s specific learning goals and the work that is required by the Department.

Established in 1611, Henrico County has deep historical roots. Henrico County borders the City of Richmond to the west, north and east and constitutes approximately a third of the Richmond metropolitan areas. Henrico County is among the top-rated counties in the nation and was one of the first localities to adopt the County Manager form of government. Citizens of Henrico County are represented by an elected Board of Supervisors representing five magisterial districts.

Henrico County General Government currently has more than 30 agencies. Department Heads are appointed by the County Manager, with the exception of the elected constitutional officers. Henrico County is an equal opportunity employer and, when you join us as an intern, you will be surrounded by fellow associates who come from all walks of life, all types of cultural backgrounds and all ages.

Internship Program FAQs

What internships are available in Henrico County Government?
Internship positions are unique to each department/agency and positions are based on departmental need. Internship opportunities may be for pay or for academic credit.

Where can I locate information about agencies/departments within the County of Henrico?
Visit the Henrico County homepage and look for “Departments” at the top center of page. A drop-down menu will allow you to select departments alphabetically.

Who should apply for an internship?
All internships are for students currently enrolled in school pursuing the appropriate level of education that is required for each position. The County of Henrico defines an intern as follows:

  • High School Student (Intern I)
  • College Student (Intern II: student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program)
  • Graduate Student (Intern III: student currently enrolled in a master’s degree program)

*Note: Applicants must be in student status during the semester period for which they are applying.

How do I apply?
Internship postings will be available on the County’s iRecruitment Web site at www.henricojobs.com. We encourage students to check at the beginning of each semester for opportunities as they become available. Students are highly encouraged to consult with their program advisor prior to completing the application process to inquire about school program expectations and requirements.

What do I need to provide to be considered for an internship?
Students apply on www.henricojobs.com. As part of the application process all students need to attach:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter with at least three learning goals relevant to the internship
  • Two references

*Note: There are additional requirements for college students pursuing internships within the Division of Police (see appropriate question below).

If you do not submit the required documents, your application will not be considered.

What additional information do I need to provide to be considered for an internship with the Division of Police?
In addition to the items listed above, intern positions within our Division of Police require:

  • One written recommendation from the college or university’s internship program coordinator
  • One letter from a professor with firsthand knowledge of the student’s abilities and qualifications
  • Two reference letters (from employers or professional individuals)

What additional information do I need to provide as a college student?
In addition to the items listed above, college intern applicants must:

  • Include their unofficial school transcript with GPA
  • Provide their program requirements to Henrico County. This might include:
    • Number of hours required (minimum/maximum)
    • For academic credit internships the number of credits received upon completion of the internship
    • Paperwork requirements for employer
    • Specific program related learning goals if the program dictates such
    • Required assignments/project such as: journals, presentations, or papers
    • Permission from the Program Head to participate in the County’s program

Are the internships paid?
Internships at Henrico County may be for pay or academic credit and will be specified in each internship posting.

How long will the internship positions last?
The hours required for an internship is generally dictated by the college or university program requirements. Generally the hours range from 120-600 hours.

Most internship positions will be posted in advance for the upcoming quarter/semester:

  • Summer (May/June – August)
  • Fall (September – December)
  • Spring (January – April/May)

Specific work days/hours required will be posted within each individual position.

What can I expect after applying for an internship?

  • All applications will be reviewed
  • Qualified students will be contacted
  • Upon conditional offer for an internship, the student will complete an FBI background check process prior to their first day
  • Attend New Intern Orientation
  • Attend HR sponsored meetings throughout their internship for intern discussion, presentations and evaluations

Who should I contact if I need more information?
E-mail the Internship Coordinator, lum@henrico.us or call 501-7206.

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