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Facilities Management is service oriented. Our staff is made up of design, management, food service and security professionals as well as customer oriented mechanics, technicians and custodians.

Our mission is to provide facilities planning, design and construction together with continuing buildings and ground maintenance services for general government agencies. We also provide Food Services and 24/7 Security Services to enhance the use and quality of these facilities.

Buildings & Grounds
Buildings and Grounds maintains the physical environment appropriately to assure the safe, comfortable, and efficient operation of government buildings, libraries, and other agency facilities. An automated Energy Management System controls temperature and ventilation, while monitoring energy consumption, life safety systems, and intrusion systems. This Section provides general and specialized services ranging from pavement rehabilitation and landscaping to mechanical system maintenance and interior cleaning for general government facilities. The work is accomplished through the Buildings and Grounds staff with the assistance of private contractors.

Capital Projects
The Capital Projects section provides professional assistance to all County agencies for the planning, budgeting, design, and construction of habitable general government facilities. Capital project coordinators work with County departments, review agencies, consultants, and contractors to assure the successful completion of capital projects. This section also coordinates major roof replacements and mechanical system upgrades.

Energy Management
The management of energy and its associated costs is essential today. Energy Management also includes the design and implementation of sustainable cultural and physical improvements that are environmentally responsible.

Café 1611
Café 1611 encompasses the Cafeteria and catering, which is located on the second floor of the Administration Building. The goal of Food Service is to provide attractive and nutritionally balanced meals to County staff and citizens visiting the Government Center, at a reasonable price, and to provide the best catering services possible to County agencies and County sponsored events. The Cafeteria also serves as a training area for students with special needs and as an opportunity for community service.

Security Services
Security Services provides for the safeguarding of the physical assets of Henrico County, its employees, and citizens seeking services at County facilities. Security officers patrol buildings and grounds and provide information and assistance to the public, while providing 24 hour monitoring of life safety, comfort, and property protection systems for County facilities.