COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA

                                    COUNTY OF HENRICO





TO: Permit Applicants and Approved Inspection Agencies

FROM: Building Official 

SUBJECT: Residential Footing Inspection Report

DATE:  May 28, 2014


In 1992 the Henrico County Department of Building Construction and Inspections created a standardized residential footing inspection reporting form for use by approved inspection agencies.  With the increased changes in technology, we have updated the inspection reporting form.

Please note changes and/or additions along with instructions for submitting the new Residential Footing Inspection Report. 

    1. New form is not four-part carbonless copies.
    2. Form has added language to check yes or no if deck, porch, or stoop footing is included.
    3. Form has lines added for phone, fax, and email for General Contractor and Footing Contractor.
    4. Additional language under Description of Reinforcement: (include the location of the concrete encased electrode).
    5. Each form is sequentially numbered to facilitate recordkeeping.
    6. Residential Footing Inspection Report forms may be obtained by calling Linda Brown at 804-501-4374 or writing the Department of Building Construction and Inspections.
    7. Forms will only be distributed to approved inspection agencies that have completed an orientation program delivered by the Department of Building Construction and Inspections.
    8. Send all completed forms to Richard Moore at RA.Moore@henrico.us.  In addition, please copy Michael McMillion, Michael.McMillion@henrico.us, and Linda Brown, Linda.Brown@henrico.us.
    9. If you are unable to send your report electronically, please mail reports to:  Richard Moore, P. O. Box 90775, Henrico, VA 23273.

If you have any questions or need additional information concerning the new inspection reporting form, please call Richard Moore, Residential Building Inspection Supervisor at 804-501-4360.


Gregory H. Revels
Building Official