Board of Supervisors
David A. Kaechele, Chairman
Patricia S. O'Bannon, Vice-Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr.
Richard W. Glover
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on April 22, 2008


Mr. Kaechele led the Board, staff, and public in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


George T. Drumwright, Jr., Deputy County Manager for Community Services, provided the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the April 8, 2008 Regular and Special Meetings and March 25, 2008 Regular and Special Meetings.



On April 15, 2008, the Virginia Department of Corrections performed an unannounced annual life, health, and safety inspection of Henrico County’s Jail West.  The facility passed the inspection with 100 percent compliance.  Sheriff Wade thanked the employees of the Sheriff’s Office who work extremely hard on the rules and regulations that have to be met and the paperwork that has to be filed.   


Mrs. O’Bannon thanked personnel from the Division of Police’s Animal Protection Section and the Department of Public Utilities for providing superior service at her home during the previous week.  An Animal Protection Officer analyzed animal droppings and Public Utilities staff members tested a sewer drain in her garage to help locate the source of the infestation.  Mrs. O’Bannon noted that any Henrico citizen would receive this same level of service.


Mr. Kaechele recognized the following Boy Scouts, who were observing the meeting to fulfill a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge:  William Finch and Christopher Locher from Troop 444, sponsored by Reveille United Methodist Church; and Bill Menefee and Simon Wu-Pong from Troop 737, sponsored by St. Mary’s Catholic Church.



Mr. Kaechele recognized Melodie Martin from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tom Lappas from the Henrico Citizen, and Kerri O’Brien and Pete Woody from WRIC-TV 8. 


Mr. Donati presented a proclamation recognizing April 27 – May 4, 2008 as Soil and Water Stewardship Week.  Accepting the proclamation was Barb Strohman, Education/Administrative Coordinator for Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District.  Joining her from the Conservation District’s Board of Directors were Gatewood H. Stoneman and Karen F. Carter. 


Mr. Glover presented a proclamation recognizing April 27 – May 3, 2008 as Volunteer Week.  Accepting the proclamation was David G. Ambrogi, Technology Support Specialist II and Volunteer Coordinator for the Department of Human Resources.  Joining him was George H. Cauble, Jr., Director of Human Resources.


Mrs. O’Bannon presented a proclamation recognizing May 4 - 10, 2008 as Drinking Water Week.  Accepting the proclamation was Arthur D. Petrini, Director of Public Utilities.  Joining him was William I. Mawyer, Assistant Director of Public Utilities.


Mr. Kaechele presented a proclamation recognizing May 11 – 17, 2008 as Law Enforcement Officers Week and May 14, 2008 as Law Enforcement Memorial Day.  Accepting the proclamation was Col. Henry W. Stanley, Jr., Chief of Police.  Joining him were Lt. Col. Douglas A. Middleton, Deputy Chief; Maj. Stephen F. Alloway, Patrol Operations; Maj. Mary Ellen Fahed, Professional Standards; Maj. James B. Fitzgerald, Support Operations; and Maj. A. Thomas Leary III, Investigative Operations.





Resolution accepting the resignation of William G. Hodges from The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen Foundation Board of Directors.





Resolution for Signatory Authority for Deed of Easement for County Parcel GPIN 765-752-4475, located in the Brookland District.





Resolution for Signatory Authority for Lease Agreement for TTM Virginia, Inc., located in the Three Chopt District.



Approved as Amended

Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 17-63 Titled “Charges generally,” Subsection (b) of Section 17-65 Titled “Overdue bills; discontinuance of service,” Subsection (b) of Section 23-284 Titled “Overdue bills; discontinuance of service,” Section 23-287 Titled “Customer set up charges,” Subsections (b) and (c) of Sections 23-311 and 23-312 Titled “Water connection fees” and “Sewer connection fees,” Respectively, and Subsection (a) of Sections 23-313 and 23-314 Titled “Water service and volume charges” and “Sewer service charges and rates,” Respectively, of the Code of the County of Henrico, All to Change County Refuse Collection Fees and Utility Fees and Charges.




Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Subsection (f) of Section 20-72 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled “Elderly or permanently and totally disabled persons - Affidavit or written statement,” to Extend the REAP Deadline for First-time Applicants or in Hardship Cases from October 31 to December 31 of the Taxable Year.





Resolution for Real Estate Tax Levies, 2008.




Resolution for Personal Property, Aircraft, Manufactured Homes, Qualifying Vehicles Owned or Leased by Members of a Volunteer Rescue Squad or Volunteer Fire Department, Disabled Veterans’ Vehicles, Motor Vehicles Specially Equipped to Provide Transportation for Physically Handicapped Individuals, Machinery and Tools, and Machinery and Tools for Semiconductor Manufacturers Tax Levies, 2008.



96A-08 Approved as Substitute for 96-08


Resolution for Adoption of Operating and Capital Annual Fiscal Plans For Fiscal Year 2008-09 and Allocation of Car Tax Relief for Tax Year 2008. 





Resolution for Award of Contract for Facilities Assessment, Division of Fire.





Resolution for Acceptance of Donation from Remington Arms Company, Inc.




Resolution accepting Brinley Meadows, Section A, and Old Hanover, located in the Varina District, into the County road system for maintenance.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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