Board of Supervisors
David A. Kaechele, Chairman
Patricia S. O'Bannon, Vice-Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr.
Richard W. Glover
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on March 25, 2008


Mr. Kaechele led the Board, staff, and public in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chaplain J. Leroy Davis provided the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the February 26, 2008 Regular Meeting (Corrected); and March 11, 2008 Regular and Special Meetings.



Mr. Kaechele recognized Lisa Crutchfield from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Brian S. Montgomery, a resident of the Fairfield District, thanked the Henrico County Division of Fire as well as the County’s Division of Police and a local volunteer rescue squad for responding to a fire and having a pile of wood removed at Hollybrook Apartments and St. Joseph’s Villa on January 29, 2008.    





Introduction of Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Subsection (f) of Section 20-72 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled “Elderly or permanently and totally disabled persons, Affidavit or written statement,” to Extend the REAP Deadline for First-time Applicants or in Hardship Cases from October 31 to December 31 of the Taxable Year.



Approved as Amended

Resolution for Authorization to Apply for and Accept Grant Funding from the Department of Homeland Security.




Resolution for Authorization to Apply for and Accept Grant Funding from the United States Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) 08 Grant Program through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.




Introduction of Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 17-63 Titled “Charges generally,” Subsection (b) of Section 17-65 Titled “Overdue bills; discontinuance of service,” Subsection (b) of Section 23-284 Titled “Overdue bills; discontinuance of service,” Section 23-287 Titled “Customer set up charges,” Subsections (b) and (c) of Sections 23-311 and 23-312 Titled “Water connection fees” and “Sewer connection fees,” Respectively, and Subsection (a) of Sections 23-313 and 23-314 Titled “Water service and volume charges” and “Sewer service charges and rates,” Respectively, of the Code of the County of Henrico, All to Change County Refuse Collection Fees and Utility Fees and Charges.




Resolution accepting Hunton Meadows, Section A, located in the Brookland District; Mayland Court Extension, located in the Three Chopt District; Eagle’s Nest, Section A, and Shurm Heights, Section F, located in the Varina District, into the County road system for maintenance.





Resolution for Claim of the Estate of Frederick Hicks.




Resolution for Settlement of Dorothy M. Martin v. Kimberly Cooper and County of Henrico.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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