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James B. Donati, Jr., Chairman
David A. Kaechele, Vice-Chairman
Richard W. Glover
Patricia S. O'Bannon
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on June 26, 2007


Mr. Donati led the Board, staff, and public in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Rev. Angelo Chatmon, Pastor, Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church, provided the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the June 12, 2007 Regular Meeting.



Mrs. O’Bannon advised that she had received quite a few comments from constituents in response to a Richmond Times-Dispatch article profiling her proposal for audio recordings of Board of Supervisors meetings.  She noted that she had made a request to the County Manager for a Board work session on Board meeting records and minutes.  Mrs. O’Bannon referred to the technological capabilities of the Board Room and mentioned that a private vendor who works with the Commonwealth of Virginia was assessing the feasibility and cost of providing streaming Internet audio broadcasts of Henrico Board meetings.   She expressed an interest in providing students with the opportunity to access Board meeting proceedings in real time on their laptop computers. 



Mr. Donati recognized Will Jones of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.



Christina Harris, Chairperson of the Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee, was joined by members of the Board of Supervisors and the following members of the Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee:  Lynne Smolin-Yurchak, Vice-Chairperson; Elaine Burton; Cynthia Funk; Sherrina Gibson; Marian Martin; and Jeannie Robinson.  Land Lover Awards were presented to the following residents:  Craig Kennedy (Brookland), Sarah Wright (Fairfield), Kristen and Doug Phelps (Tuckahoe), Don and Elizabeth Benton (Tuckahoe), and Albert and Audrey Mason (Varina).  Clean Business Awards were presented to the following businesses:  Wawa, Staples Mill Road store, represented by Jeremy Kerber, Customer Service Manager (Brookland); Virginia Crossings Resort, represented by Tom Cupo, General Manager (Fairfield); Long and Foster, Patterson Avenue office, represented by Scott Ruth, Branch Manager, and Scott Shaheen, Regional Manager (Tuckahoe); and Hardee’s, Nine Mile Road store, represented by Rick Medlin, District Manager (Varina).  Madison at Spring Oak (Three Chopt), which did not have a representative in attendance, was also a Clean Business Award recipient.





Resolution reappointing Grant L. Moffett and Walter H. Ryland to the Capital Region Arts and Cultural Funding Consortium Board of Directors.




Resolution reappointing George T. Drumwright, Jr., Gary A. Hicks, James S. Yoffy, Sharon B. Will, William J. Conner, Sr., Henry W. Stanley, Jr., Wade A. Kizer, William J. Viverette, Michael L. Wade, Mac R. Beaton, Frederick D. Goodwin, III, Grant L. Moffett, William M. Gibson, Donald L. Boswell, J. Douglas Freeman, and Deborah G. LaVecchia to the Community Criminal Justice Board.




Resolution reappointing David A. Kaechele to the Greater Richmond Partnership Board of Directors.




Resolution appointing James Cuthbertson, Donald N. Blake, and Beverley G. Donati to the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Board.




Resolution reappointing James B. Donati, Jr., William E. Lowe, Gregory M. Clay, James H. Atkinson, Jr., Oliver L. Way, and Leonard C. Cake as members of the James River Development Corporation; and nominating James B. Donati, Jr. and William E. Lowe as directors of the James River Development Corporation.




Resolution reappointing Ruth Anna Langdon and Patricia I. Harris to the Policy and Management Team for Youth and Families.




Resolution reappointing Gloria B. Johnson to Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging Board of Directors.




Resolution reappointing James B. Donati, Jr. and David A. Kaechele as members, and E. Todd Eure and Edward L. Priestas as alternate members of the Virginia Transit Association Board of Directors.




Resolution Amending a Prior Resolution Adopted March 14, 2006, Creating the Reynolds Crossing Community Development Authority.




Ordinance Amending a Prior Ordinance Adopted October 10, 2006, Establishing Special Assessments for the Reynolds Crossing Community Development Authority and Authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding Related Thereto.




Resolution for POD-37-07 for Approval of a Plan of Development for Lakeside House Addition.





Ordinance for Vacation of Portion of Drainage and Utility Easement in West Sandston and West Sandston Resubdivision of Blocks D, E, F and G, located in the Varina District.




Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 9-2 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled “Precincts and polling places” By Changing the Polling Place for the Sandston Precinct in the Varina District.



Katherine Walton Lawson, a resident of the Tuckahoe District, expressed support for audio web streaming of Board meeting proceedings.  She agreed with Mrs. O’Bannon that this format would be especially helpful to the County’s younger population.  Mrs. Lawson also spoke to a memorandum that had been previously sent to chief local government officials and planning district commission executive directors by the Commonwealth’s Director of Community Integration for People with Disabilities requesting input on the Statewide Community Integration Strategic Plan.  She voiced concern that the County was not adequately planning for its growing elderly population or for the needs of disabled residents in areas such as housing, transportation, workforce development, and employment.


Charles L. Hague, a resident of the Three Chopt District, encouraged the Board to maintain verbatim transcripts of its meetings or broadcast its meetings in either audio or video format.  He also pointed out that the County had not responded in writing to an e-mail he had discussed with the Board during the public comment period at the April 27, 2007 Board meeting. 


Tommy Hicks, President of, reviewed the audio and video streaming services offered by his company to the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Virginia Military Institute, and other customers.  He pointed out that he was present at this meeting to answer any technological questions the Board might have about broadcasting its meetings. 





Resolution for Appropriation of Funds for Fiscal Year 2007-08.





Resolution for Henrico Juvenile Detention Home Medical Services Contract.




Resolution for Consideration of Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to Allow Additional Signs in Regional Shopping Centers and Office Districts.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Lease Agreement for Henrico Area Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, located in Charles City County, Virginia.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for License Agreement for Construction of Sewer Line on County Property for Meadow Farm at Crump Park, located in the Brookland District.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Quitclaim of Drainage Easements in Cedar Run, located in the Fairfield District.




Resolution accepting Covington, Section 2 and a Resubdivision of Reserved Areas 1 & 2, Block B, Section 1; Shady Grove Meadows, Section A; and Henley, Section A, located in the Three Chopt District, into the County road system for maintenance.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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