Eligible Neighborhood Traffic Management Streets

Streets that are eligible for the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Local residential streets, including residential collectors, are eligible provided the posted speed limit is 25 mph, is a two-lane roadway, is a through street (not a cul-de-sac), has between 300 and 3000 vehicles per day, and does not serve as the primary access to commercial or industrial areas. Major collectors, minor arterials, major arterials, and major access roads that are identified on the Major Thoroughfare Plan are not eligible. Minor collector roads will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For a speeding problem, the 85th percentile speed must exceed 7 mph over the posted speed limit.  For a high traffic volume problem, the number of vehicles must be significantly more that the surrounding houses would normally generate.

In order for a street to be approved for traffic calming devices, a written endorsement of a majority of all residents within the designated area is required. The designated area includes residences on the proposed street, as well as residences on all streets that have major access to the street where the traffic calming device is installed. The Department of Public Works will work with the neighborhood, as well as emergency services to determine what devices are appropriate for each location.

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