Traffic Management Solutions

Initial Phase Solutions

Signing/Pavement Markings

The installation of appropriate traffic control signs and markings on a particular street or within a neighborhood. These include speed limit, dead end, no outlet, school signs, crosswalks, school pavement messages, etc.

Radar Trailer/Sign

radar trailer-sign
Radar Sign

Radar Trailer

Using the portable radar trailer deployed by the Henrico County Division of Police. The trailer shows drivers their actual speed versus the posted speed limit and encourages their compliance.

Police Enforcement

Continuing enforcement by the Henrico County Division of Police.

Trim Vegetation

The trimming and removal of brush by homeowners or the County to allow for better visibility to signs and to improve sight distance at intersections.

Second Phase Solutions

This involves the installation of physical devices on a roadway to manage the speeds of vehicles through an area or street.  Some examples are:

Speed Humps

Rounded raised areas of pavement across the entire roadway typically 12 to 14 feet in travel length with a height of 3 inches

Speed Cushions
temporary cushion-setasphalt cushion -single
                                              Asphalt Cushion

temp cushion -settemp cushion -single
                                           Temporary Cushion

Rounded raised areas of pavement typically 6 to 7 feet in travel length, varying widths, and a height of 3 inches that are placed out as sets that have openings for emergency vehicles to traverse

Speed Tables/Raised Crosswalks

Rounded raised areas of pavement typically 22 feet in travel length with a height of 3 inches and a level top

Neighborhood Traffic Circle

Colleen temp Charles-Miami temp 
Temporary Mini-Roundabout

Raised islands, placed at intersections, around which traffic circulates

Center Island Narrowing

refuge island
Pedestrian Refuge Island

Raised islands located along the centerline of a street that narrow the travel lanes at that location

Chokers and Bump Outs

Bump Out

The narrowing of the travel lanes by shifting the curbs on either side of the road toward the center of the road.  Best if used at intersections to reduce pedestrian crossings

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