Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The program consists of two phases. During the initial phase of the program, we investigate the area for proper signs and pavement markings.  We also conduct speed studies to determine if the roadway is eligible for the program and if it qualifies for the program.  If a speeding problem is documented in the initial phase, Traffic Engineering will notify Henrico Police and request enforcement.  The second phase consists of installing temporary physical devices to slow traffic.  During the second phase process, we will work together with police and fire to determine the best plan for the neighborhood. If the surrounding neighbors agree to have the devices installed, Traffic Engineering will schedule the installation

The following are Goals and Objectives for our Neighborhood Traffic Management Program:

  • Create safer and more appealing streets
  • Create streets that are safe for all road users
  • Help reduce the negative effects of motorized vehicles in neighborhoods
  • Reduce speeds of vehicles traveling faster than the posted speed limit
  • Improve the real and perceived safety for non-motorized users of the street.

The following Links give you more details on the traffic calming program.

Street that are eligible for traffic management

How the Program Works

Traffic Management Solutions

Neighborhood Traffic Management Brochure 

For additional information please contact:

Henrico County Department of Public Works
Traffic Engineering Division
P.O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Phone: 804-501-4393
Fax: 804-501-7470

*For residents requesting speed enforcement and/or a radar trailer, please contact:

Henrico County Police Department
Traffic Safety Unit
Phone: 804-501-7843



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Mailing Address
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