1. What is AMR?
AMR stands for Automated Meter Reading.  The Henrico County Department of Public Utilities (DPU) will be replacing existing water meters with an electronic transmitting device in order to provide better service to our customers.  This wireless technology that the AMR system uses can assure customers of a timely and reliable reading resulting in an accurate bill without having to gain access to your property.

2. How does AMR work?
Using wireless radio transmitters, AMR remotely reads customer meters and transfers the date into the Henrico County DPU billing system.  Each meter has a unique identification number that ensures only your reading is assigned to your account.  This system reduces the need for meter readers to manually gather meter readings each month.  Once the AMR system is fully implemented, DPU expects to read about 5,000 meter per day, a substantial increase over the 300 we currently read each day.

3. Is my account information secure?
Yes.  Only meter readings and meter numbers are transmitted.  The transmitter installed is specifically coded to your account and meter serial number.  Personal customer information will be not be transmitted.

4. Do I have to be home for the meter replacement work?
Since the water meters are located outside of the home, you will not need to be home for the replacement work.  We will leave a notice at your door explaining the status of the work.  If for some reason the work could not be completed, you will need to call the number on the notice for further explanation.

5. How will I know the person at my door is working on this project?
Henrico DPU has hired two companies for the AMR project; Elster AMCO Water, Inc. is the main project contractor and Corix Utilities is the installation contractor.  They will be wearing proper identification as well as driving vehicles with the company’s name.  Henrico DPU will also be notifying you about two weeks prior to the AMR installation that someone will be coming to perform the meter replacement.

6. How long will it take to install my meter?
Under normal circumstances, the installation will take approximately 30 minutes.  Your water service will be shut off for approximately 20-30 minutes while the meter is changed.  Please be advised that there may be some trapped air or slight discoloration in the water when you are turned back on.  This will clear up after running your water for a few moments.

7. How do I know that my reading is accurate?
These state-of-the-art water meters have electronic registers, which verifies the meter reading three times before it is sent to the transmitting unit.  This reading is deemed more accurate than visually reading the meter.

8. Do I need to maintain the AMR meter?
No.  Henrico County DPU is responsible for all maintenance.  Do not tamper with the devices or attempt to make adjustments.  If you think something is wrong with the equipment, please call (804) 501-4275.

9. Will the radio interfere with my television, cordless phone or other electronic devices?
No, the radio transmission operates in compliance with FCC regulations to avoid interference with other electronic devices.

10. Will I see a change in my service after AMR is installed?
Once the AMR system is operating, the only significant change to your utility service will be that meter readers will not need to visit your property monthly to collect the reading.  They will be able to get the reading as they drive along your street.  Service personnel may visit the meter periodically to confirm proper operation or perform routine maintenance.

11. Is there anything I have to do to prepare for the installation?

Please make sure that there are no obstructions around your meter that may hamper access to the meter. 

12. Where is my water meter located?
The majority of the meters in the County are located in underground pits near the street.

13. What happens if I have a problem after the installation?
If you have a leak, low pressure or some other problem as a direct result of the installation, please contact Corix Utilities.  For any billing problems or requests for other services provided by Henrico DPU, please contact our customer service department at (804) 501-7540.

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