January 22, 2022 Board Retreat

HCPS Updates

Dr. Amy Cashwell, Ingrid Grant, Mac Beaton, Thomas Ferrell,
Lenny Pritchard, Adrienne Johnson, Francine Bouldin, Kenya Jackson

  • Capital Project Update: CTE Renovation/Expansion, The Campus of Virginia Randolph, Prior Bond Project Update, and Future Potential Bond List
  • What’s New?: Two New High Schools Specialty Centers (Hermitage & Highland Springs) and Full-Service Community Schools Project (Glen Lea Telehealth Clinic & OAK Avenue Complex)
  • Recruiting & Retaining a High-Quality Team (Talent Acquisition Ambassador)

Economic Development Strategy

Anthony Romanello, Andrew Newby

  • Wet Lab Space
  • R&D Tax Rate
  • Technology Zones

Comprehensive Plan Update

Joe Emerson, Ben Blankinship, Rosemary Deemer, Terrell Hughes

  • General Update, Timeline
  • Transportation Plan
  • Solar Farms

Major Utility Asset Planning

Bentley Chan

  • Water Treatment & Reclamation updates, CIP priorities
  • ARP Incentive Program
  • Continuation of Infill Projects
  • Streetlight Program
  • PFAS

Real Property Assessments

Sheila Minor

  • Macro- and Micro-Real Estate Market
  • Tax Rebate Timeline

2022 Bond Referendum

Brandon Hinton, Joe Emerson, Alec Oughton

  • Public Information Campaign
  • Project Details

Precursor to Budget Proposal

County Manager, Lt. Col. Barbara West, Jelisa Turner

  • Crime and Youth Violence Statistics
  • Holistic Public Safety Approach

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