2011 Commemoration Advisory Commission


Hon. Patricia S. O’Bannon Board of Supervisors, Commission Chair
Mr. Wayne B. Adkins Native American
Mrs. Gail A. Atkins Library Advisory Board
Mr. Samuel G. Banks African-American Heritage Culture Committee
Mr. John F. Berry Tourism Expert
Mr. Carroll E. Zanders Virginia Randolph Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Beverly H. Davis Historic Preservation Advisory Commission
Mr. William F. LaVecchia

Former County government official

Dr. Louis H. Manarian Civil War Expert
Mrs. Jeanne E. McNeil Association for Preservation of Henrico Antiquities, Inc.
Mr. Robert M. Michie Henrico Education Foundation
Mrs. Sarah W. Pace Henrico County Historical Society
Dr. Nelson Wikstrom County Historian
Hon. Diana D. Winston School Board

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