The O.R.B.I.T. Program

Opiate Recovery Based on Intensive Tracking

The O.R.B.I.T. Program is available to inmates that are addicted to opiate based drugs.  This special program begins with a medical detoxification process that begins as soon as they are incarcerated.  Once the Court refers the individual to the O.R.B.I.T. Program, the inmate will begin their journey of gradually regaining control over their own lives.  The program offers an innovative and intensive approach to rehabilitating opioid addicted inmates.   This program is unique as it not only provides substance abuse recovery, but also provides life skills through a slow, step-down approach.

Phase I

The first phase consists of completing the first two phases of the R.I.S.E. (Recovery In a Safe Environment) Program.  During this phase, the participant develops their commitment to change their lifestyle.  They attend classes and complete self-guided development work that teach the basics of recovery.  Furthermore, the participant then will create a personal relapse prevention plan and train to be group facilitators.  This is a very intense twelve hour day, seven days a week program,

Phase II

In this phase, under the supervision of a deputy, the participant is part of a work crew.  The work crews do many different types of trades at Henrico County facilities such as grass cutting/landscaping work, painting and washing school buses. When not working, they participant continues training and meetings to increase their knowledge and skills.  This includes support group meetings outside of the facility, where they can have a connection to get the support they need once they are released.

A very important part of this phase is the allowance of two, one-hour weekly family contact visits where they are allowed to spend the time with their family in a supervised environment.  They are also given the access to go to church weekly, work on their GED, receive vocational training in cosmetology or auto mechanics, or participate in workforce development skills such as interview and resume writing skills.

Phase III

In this phase, the participant is given assistance getting a job.  Once employment has been secured, they begin work release.  In this phase, they are allowed to leave the facility to go to work and then return to jail.  They are monitored by investigators and are subject to random drug testing .  As in all previous phases, they continue to attend support meetings and other training to keep their recovery on track.

Phase IV

The fourth and final phase of the O.R.B.I.T. Program is home electronic monitoring; this final stage allows the participant to go to work and be at home, while being monitored by a GPS bracelet.  They must continue to attend the support group meetings and subject to random drug testing.


The program ends at the end of their court sentenced term, equipped with the tools they need to continue in their recovery journey.

The Sheriff’s Office, Police Division, Division of Fire, Courts, Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Defense Bar, County Administration, the Departments of Recreation and Parks, Mental Health and Developmental Services, and General Services, Henrico County Public Schools, and New Kent County Public Schools collaborate and bolster  the successful re-entry of inmates into society.  Citizens of Henrico County have embraced the inmates participating in this program- offering jobs, resources, and housing.

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