Henrico County Sheriff’s Basic Training Academy

In-Service Training

The Henrico County Sheriff’s Office provides the most intense and comprehensive jail, court security and civil process training program in the Commonwealth for its deputy sheriffs.

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The Henrico County Sheriff’s Academy is a thirteen-week, 480 hour course of academic and practical instruction that focuses on fire arms training, jail & court security, the Code of Virginia, defensive tactics, service of civil process, firefighting, first aid, CPR, and general law enforcement.


To meet Department of Criminal Justice Services standards, all deputy sheriffs must attend and successfully complete a minimum of forty hours of inservice training. In addition, the academy sponsors training in supervisory/management skills, specialized subjects, mental health, and other relevent subject matter. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with the Henrico Divisions of Police and Fire in order to provide this training.

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Firearms Instruction
Continuing Education and Training

Each Henrico Sheriff’s Deputy must demonstrate proficiency with their issued service weapon as well as with other specialized and chemical weapons. During the Sheriff’s Academy, recruits are given in-depth training with their weapon and must continue to requalify throughout their service with the Sheriff’s Office.

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Deputies are encouraged to continue their training through both professional and academic programs. This includes attendance at institutes of higher learning and specialized training offered at many levels of corrections and law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office has a career development program to enhance the deputy’s knowledge, skills and abilities through continuing education, both on a professional and academic level. Members are expected to maintain above-standard ratings to advance through the career development program.



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