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A zoning confirmation letter is a written statement of the zoning regulations, permitted uses, and development approvals related to a parcel of land. They are frequently requested by lenders or others involved in a commercial real estate transaction who need written assurance that the property complies with all local land use regulations. Each letter is unique, because each parcel of land is unique, and many require substantial research into the history of rezoning, subdivision, plan of development, use permit, and variance approvals.

To request a zoning confirmation letter, register or log into Build Henrico, select “Land Development Applications,” and click the “Zoning Confirmation Letter” link under the “Administrative Approvals” group. The application is created as soon as you click the link, so please have the address, parcel number, and description of your request ready when you begin, as well as any documents you wish to attach to your request.

The fee for this service is $25. If the request involves more than one property, more than one letter may be necessary, and a separate fee will be required for each letter. Our turn-around time is typically one to two weeks. If we need to order files from the offsite archives, it may take a few days longer.

Please note that we are not able to provide broad, general statements such as “all buildings on the property are in compliance with all regulations” or “all uses on the property are lawful.“ We will provide as much information as can be found in our records. The letter may also refer you to other agencies for further information.

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