Zoning Appeals Applications (Variances/Conditional Use Permits/Appeals)

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Available in 2023

This service will be moving to Build Henrico, the county’s all new online land management solution.

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Variance Application – to allow a deviation from the zoning ordinance regarding the size, shape, height, area, or location of a lot or a building when the regulations unreasonably restrict the use of property

Conditional Use Permit Application – to allow certain uses and exceptions that are listed in the zoning ordinance, and certain temporary uses

Extraction Permit Application – for sand and gravel pits, wetland mitigation banks, or other extractive operations

Appeal – to modify or reverse an order, requirement, decision, or determination of the director of planning or any other administrative officer regarding the zoning ordinance

Fee Waiver Application – the Board of Supervisors waives the application fee for variances and conditional use permits for tax-exempt real estate owned and used by a non-profit organization

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