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Available Datasets

Planimetric Base Map and Topo: Data includes road centerlines, edge of roadway, parking lots, driveways, building outlines, barriers, streams and water bodies (hydrography), tree cover. Topographic layer includes 2 foot contours.

Geodetic Control Network: Network of GPS controlled permanent monument markers with respective azimuth.

Parcel Polygon Layers: Data includes parcel GPIN and ID and zoning polygon layer attributed with zoning code.

Digital Utilities Map: Developed through digital conversion of the County’s water and sewer map books and GPS acquisition of manholes, valves, and meters, including utilities Right-of-Ways and Easements. This product is complete Countywide and is currently under maintenance and update as new utility feature as-built plans are submitted.

Geodetic Control Network: Network of GPS controlled permanent monument markers with respective azimuth (backsight) markers and additional County boundary monuments for the border with Goochland County. These monuments meet or exceed the National Geodetic Survey standards for First Order, First Class monuments. The monuments exceed the 1:440,000 accuracy level.

The GIS products can be obtained in any of the following formats:

  • AutoCAD DXF files with Z values for elevation data
  • ArcView Shapefiles
  • ESRI Geodatabases


Digital data requests are subject to potential fees.  Data requests are priced at $25 / Tile or $800 Countywide. The map tiles are available for viewing on the County’s Parcel Viewer website above. Additionally, you can view the map of GIS Tiles (requires a PDF reader).

Advance payment is required. 

Payments can be made in person or you can mail a check to:

Henrico Permit Center

Attn:  Mapping Station

P.O. Box 90775

Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Once payment has been received you will receive an email with instructions for downloading the data.

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