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Operation Paintbrush

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Operation Paintbrush is a program whereby volunteer groups are recruited to paint the homes of needy Henrico citizens.


Henrico County…. it’s a great place to live, work and play. And you can help us keep it that way! Henrico County’s Community Maintenance staff is working hard to make sure that Henrico is a well-kept and attractive place that meets the standards set forth by the County’s zoning ordinance. Over the years, we have found that by far the vast majority of our citizens keep their property in excellent shape. However, we also have observed that there are those among us who, due to age, disability or hardship, are unable to adequately care for their own homes. In 1999, we began putting together a program to alleviate this situation. We call it “Operation Paintbrush”. Operation Paintbrush is a program whereby volunteer groups are recruited to paint the homes of needy Henrico citizens. These are citizens without adequate resources or family help whose homes need painting and would only further deteriorate without our assistance. They are screened for eligibility using the federal guidelines for low and moderate-income families. Typically they are senior citizens, and most can be classified as very low income. Sometimes minor repairs are needed before a home can be painted, but usually a volunteer group of 10 or more can make the necessary repairs and paint the home on a single Saturday. Depending on the amount of work needed and the number of volunteers, some homes can be painted in half a day while others may take two days.

The benefits of Operation Paintbrush are many:

  • Needy citizens are helped
  • The deterioration of homes and neighborhoods is prevented
  • The County’s low-income housing stock is preserved
  • Citizens who otherwise might not be able to are helped to remain in their homes
  • Individual and community safety and health is improved
  • Property values are protected
  • Citizens are given the opportunity to help their neighbors
  • Volunteers receive the satisfaction of helping others
  • Groups and organizations benefit from a team-building experience
  • Quality of life is enhanced

In light of the tremendous benefits Operation Paintbrush provides for the citizens of Henrico County, the Community Maintenance staff seeks to continue to expand its efforts in the years to come. This expansion, of course, depends on a growing number of volunteer groups. We sincerely hope that you and your friends and associates will consider volunteering a weekend of your time to assist us in this worthwhile endeavor. Our guarantee is that you will find it rewarding – and even fun. Donations and contributions are always appreciated. Contact Ashley Catterton to inquire about the volunteer opportunities available through Operation Paintbrush.

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