Building Inspections for Fire Safety

Business Inspections

The Henrico County Division of Fire performs inspections to help businesses identify safety hazards and advise business owners as to changes that will improve safety at their location. Depending on the nature of the business, the inspections will either be done by firefighters assigned to the station closest to the building, or by certified Inspectors from the Fire Marshal’s Office. Some of the items each group looks for:


  • Updating “after hours” contact information to help prevent unnecessary damage during an emergency at a time when the business is closed
  • Location of alarm panels and utilities (water, gas, electricity) for use in emergencies
  • Making sure exits are not blocked or locked and signs are posted and illuminated
  • Firefighter inspections also serve the purpose of allowing firefighters to learn the layout and construction of the building, as well as information on the products inside, which allows them to work safely during an emergency.

Fire Marshal’s Office:

  • Location, type, and amount of flammable or hazardous materials
  • Proper storage of materials
  • Will provide recommendations for the appropriate number and type of fire extinguishers

Please be aware the Henrico County Division of Fire does not perform maintenance on extinguishers or alarms, and does not endorse or recommend any specific company dealing with fire extinguishers or alarm systems. Information on these companies may be found in the local phone book.

Lock Boxes

Lock boxes provide firefighters with keys to buildings when they need access during after-hours periods. The boxes are secure and nearly impenetrable steel key lock boxes purchased by residential and commercial property owners. They are mounted near the entrance to the property and may hold keys, electronic card keys and other vital tools. The boxes can be ordered with a tamper switch allowing the access to be monitored by a security system.

Henrico Fire is now using the KNOX BOX system.

Please call the Fire Marshal’s Office at 804-501-4900 or email at [email protected] for questions and additional information. The Fire Marshall can also help residential and commercial property owners properly locate the box.

Fire Drills and Escape Plans

The Fire Marshals Office can also assist businesses in planning evacuation procedures and fire drills.

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