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Inmate Personal Property Exchange


Personal property is is defined as all clothing, jewelry and contents within pockets and bags when committed, to the Henrico County Jails. A Deputy will inventory the items, and write a receipt for those items to be stored. Items that are not authorized due to content,make or for any security precaution are not allowed in the jail. The items are packaged and stored in an appropriate bag/box and a receipt is given. These items may be mailed or released to designated family members or friends upon completion of proper authorization. We recommend that family members or friends be authorized to pick up personal property.

Personal property from outside sources will not be accepted unless approved in writing by the quartermaster due to unavailability of size. The medical staff may request that certain personal property be allowed if it is medically related.


By submitting an “Inmate Request Form” to the facility quartermaster at least five working days before the requested exchange, an (one) exchange will be permitted to allow proper attire upon release for court. Property will be receipted and stored in the quartermaster. No clothing will be accepted the day of release or on a court date.

E-mail your questions to the Sheriff’s Office at sheriff@henrico.us.

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