Inmate Medical Services


Medical care is provided by a private health care provider. Medical staff are on duty 24 hours a day to handle medical problems. Medical staff will advise all newly admitted inmates of the procedures to follow when requesting medical services.

Henrico County Sheriff’s Office has a medical co-payment policy. Inmates who request medical services must pay a portion of the cost of those services, as they would outside the jail. The fee for each service is set in advance is the same for each inmate. Not all medical services have a co-payment. Inmates without money will not be denied medical care, but must repay the amount owed from the first money they receive. There is no charge for the initial booking medical screening  and life-threatening emergencies, or follow-up visits ordered by the medical staff.


Dental appointments are made by the medical staff. Inmates with greatest need, as determined by the Medical staff, will receive priority consideration for dental appointments. The medical staff will arrange for dental examinations and treatment, when the dentist decides they are necessary for an inmate’s good health. There is a co-payment fee to see the dentist.


The jail will not provide eyeglasses or repair glasses unless lack of them would seriously affect the sight of the inmate. This is determined by an eye doctor in consultation with the jail physician. If when committed to the jail,you were not wearing prescription eyewear, a family member/friend may bring the prescription in to the Quartermaster for medical staff to approve.

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