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Visit one of our Fire Stations and meet the men and women that serve our community as firefighters.  In Henrico, firefighters work 24 hour shifts.  Our Fire Stations are like our homes while we are on duty – we work, eat and sleep at the station for the duration of our shift.

Small groups [a family or a parent and child] are welcome to stop by one of our fire stations any time the bay doors are open, and a fire engine can be seen in the bay.  Our firefighters are generally very happy to show you around.  If you would like to bring a larger group of people [a class or community group] to the station, we will need advance notice and ask that you complete and submit an official request.  When bringing a large group, to avoid frightening young children, we recommend that the overwhelming majority of attendees be 4 years old or older.

In addition, we will need to limit the size of your group to 18 individuals, or fewer.

Special Notes:

  • As a community organization we are eager to welcome visitors to our stations.  However, because we are also an emergency response organization, and cannot predict when emergencies will occur, it is impossible for us to make guarantees.  Firefighters will be “in-service” during station visits.  This means that they could be assigned to respond to some emergency, either before you arrive, or while you are at the station visiting.   It is possible that they may not be at the station when you arrive.  It’s possible that they might have to depart quickly in order to respond to an emergency call.  Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate you during your visit unless someone calls 911.  In that case we will have a new priority – helping those who might be in trouble.  We appreciate your understanding.
  • We ask that visiting groups of children be accompanied with one adult for every five minors.

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