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Please join us in our efforts to clean up our communities…


  • Get rid of yard litter, bulk trash, old furniture, appliances and brush.
  • Place discards at the front of your property on the County right-of-way.
  • All items must be out the night prior to cleanup date.
  • Place small discards in a container or bag.
  • All leaves and pine needles must be bagged.
  • No cars within 10 feet of pile.
  • No paint, hazardous materials, liquid waste, car parts or batteries, or oil drums.
  • Paint can be taken to the County landfill – call to get specific times and locations.
  • Yard debris, brush, limbs, logs and other vegetative waste must be in separate pile.
  • Limbs should be cut to four feet long, limbs should be smaller than 4 inches thick.
  • All cleanups will begin at 7:00 a.m.

Email any questions, comments, or concerns regarding community cleanups to

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Henrico Community Clean up participants in the following areas:


Lakeside Hatcher

Lakeside Methodist

Lakeside Bloomingdale, Tuckahoe Park

Ginter Gardens, Hillard Park, S. Lourdes


Due to the excessive rain, flooding and the potential effects of Hurricane Michael the County Cleanup schedule has been changed as follows:


Community Cleanup Original Date Rescheduled Date
Lakeside Hatcher 10/13 10/20
Lakeside Methodist 10/20 10/27
Lakeside Bloomingdale, Tuckahoe Park 10/27 11/3
Ginter Gardens, Hillard Park, S. Lourdes 11/3 11/10


The 2018 cleanup schedule is subject to change without prior notice.


Month Date Clean-up Area Meeting Location
March 10   Highland Springs #2 & #3 Adult Education Center
  17   Highland Springs #1 and Dumpster Area Adult Education Center
  24   Laurel Park Laurel Recreation Center
  31   Lakeside Hatcher Lakeside Elementary
April   Lakeside Methodist Lakeside Elementary
  14   Lakeside Bloomingdale, Stuart Ridge Lakeside Elementary
  21   Ginter Gardens, Hilliard Park, S. Lourdes Lakeside Baptist
  28   North Lourdes, Valentine Hills North Run Baptist
May 5   Fort Hill Three Chopt Elementary
  12   Montrose, Lawndale Farms, Gilbert Gardens Montrose Elementary
  19    National Heights, Foxboro North, Oakland Village, Pine Forest   Montrose Elementary
  26    Westbourne, Dickensdale, Dickens Glen, Mayfield Johnson Elementary
June 2    No Clean-Up  
  9   Greendale, Deep Run, Westhaven Dumbarton Library
  16   Woodman Terrace, Hungary Meadows Brookland Middle School
  23   Sandston Sandston Rec Center
  30   Biltmore, Longdale, Middleton Gee Longdale Elementary
  14   Glenwood Farms Ratcliff Elementary
  21   Watts Lane, Central Gardens, Cool Lane Math & Science Center
  28   East Regency Douglas Freeman H.S.
August 4   West Regency Byrd Middle
  11   Lakeside Terrace, Wistar Farms and Woodlawn Farms Government Center
  18   Hechler Village and Glen Echo Park Adams Elementary
  25   Providence Park, Cloverland, Stratford Village, Confederate Heights, E. Highland Gardens, Fayette Circle, Chatham Place Laburnum Elementary
September 1   Laburnum Heights Glen Lea Elementary
  8   No Clean-Up  
  15   Sanburne Park and Robinwood Montrose Elementary
  22   E. Highland Park Glen Lea Elementary
  29   Highland Springs #2 and #3 Adult Education Center
October 6   Highland Springs #1 & Dumpster Area Adult Education Center
  20   Lakeside Hatcher Lakeside Elementary
  27   Lakeside Methodist  Lakeside Elementary
November  3   Lakeside Bloomingdale, Tuckahoe Park Tuckahoe Park
10   Ginter Gardens, Hilliard Park, S. Lourdes Lakeside Baptist

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