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Available February 2021

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Henrico County has several laws directed at creating and maintaining clean, safe communities.  Among these laws are the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and the Henrico County Graffiti ordinance.

The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code requires that buildings and structures be maintained in good repair and that unsafe structures either be secured, demolished or repaired.  The maintenance requirements for existing buildings and structures are aimed at preventing the deterioration that often leads to blight and increased crime.  Examples of maintenance violations include:

  • accumulation of trash and garbage within buildings
  • damaged electrical wiring
  • broken windows
  • damaged structural elements such as joists, beams and columns
  • unpainted or unprotected wood that is exposed to the weather
  • leaking plumbing and roofs
  • unsafe structures, such as, 
    • buildings that are vacant and have open doors or windows
    • buildings that are a threat to collapse due to structural failure
    • buildings that are occupied with no means of sewage disposal
    • buildings with exposed electrical wires that may shock occupants or start a fire

The Henrico County Code authorizes the removal of graffiti from privately owned buildings, walls, fences and similar structures when the graffiti can be seen from a public road or street.

How to Receive this Service

Please use the form below to report buildings or structures in disrepair, overcrowding, work taking place without required permits or graffiti that is visible from the public right of way.

The information entered into this form will be forwarded to the Department of Building Construction and Inspections.  You must complete the address of the property in violation, your full name and daytime phone number, and a description of the violation for the complaint to be accepted.  Your information will remain anonymous.  Building violation complaints are not a matter of public record.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at (804) 501-4360. Thank you.

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