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Henrico Police embraces inclusion and diversity. Guided by principles of fair and impartial policing, we value dialogue and partnerships with the communities we serve. Our goal is to stay informed to keep you safe. Our Asian Community Liaisons are available and equipped to address the issues or concerns affecting Henrico’s Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. Our liaisons, who are members of the Asian-American community themselves, are sworn officers who have developed partnerships with members, businesses and service providers of this diverse community. 

Asked & Answered: Meet Henrico Police’s Asian Community Liaisons, Captain Dirk Engels and Officer Sopheap Chamreun

From left to right: Officer Sopheap Chamreun, Captain Dirk Engels

Tell us a little about your family’s heritage?

Engels: “My mother is Chinese but was raised in the Philippines. She immigrated to the United States in hopes of starting a family and providing a better life and opportunities for her children.”

Chamreun: “I am Cambodian, Thai, Lao, and Chinese. My family and I were refugees during the Khmer Rouge. During that time, we fled to Thailand and then sought refuge in the United States. We have been here since 1985.”

Why is the Asian Community Liaison role important to you?

Engels: “Henrico County is a community with diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. With that comes the opportunity to learn from one another while understanding different perspectives. It is important to break down barriers, dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases, while working to build trust, respect, and understanding within our community. Our department is a reflection of our community, one of diversity, inclusion, and understanding. I am excited to have the opportunity to build stronger relationships between the Henrico County Police Division and our diverse community while learning more about my own culture.”

Chamreun: “I want to help bridge the gap between Henrico County Police and the Asian American Community. To raise awareness in regards to laws, regulations, and roles of our police officers to our diverse community. I want the Asian American Community to know that Henrico County Police Officers are here to protect and serve the community and that the community can reach out to us for assistance anytime.”

Do you see the liaison role improving relationships between police and the Asian-American Community?

Engels: “Absolutely! We have established some relationships within our Asian-American community already; this will hopefully expand upon those relationships and identify others to build upon. We’re not just improving relationships, we are creating lasting friendships.”

Chamreun: “I do believe that this role will improve our relationship between police and the Asian American Community through communication.”

How do you feel the liaison role will benefit Henrico’s Asian-American Community?

Engels: “Understanding the differences in the various cultures within our community will help us to provide a better quality of service to our residents as well as build trust.”

Chamreun: “This will help address and provide clarity reference to some of the questions and concerns that the Asian American Community may have.”


Here to Keep You Safe

Henrico Police offers many services, resources, and programs to our residents and business owners – all at no charge. Below are a few ways Henrico Police is working to keep you safe. 

Asian Community Liaisons

Officer Sopheap Chamreun and Captain Dirk Engels serve as the Division’s Asian Community Liaisons. We encourage community members to reach out and discuss any concerns you have regarding public safety. Contact Officer Chamreun or Captain Dirk Engels at 804-501-4838.

Security Surveys & Crime Prevention Training

Our Community Services officers will conduct crime prevention and security surveys of your home, business, or place of worship. Officers will also give presentations on personal safety, what to do in an active shooter situation, general crime prevention tips, and more. There is no cost for this service. To schedule a security survey or presentation, call  (804) 501-5933 at least 30 days prior to your event or preferred survey date. 

Domestic Violence Support

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Behaviors may include emotional, financial, or psychological abuse. Our Domestic Violence Coordinator provides services and resources to help those in abusive relationships. Learn about our Domestic Violence Assistance services or contact our Domestic Violence Coordinator at or 804-501-5732.

Be 911 Ready

Only call 911 in an emergency situation. If the situation is not life-threatening, call Henrico Police Non-Emergency at (804) 501-5000. Noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and similar problems or questions are considered non-emergencies.

Follow these tips when calling 911:

  • Stay on the phone
  • Remain calm and tell the call taker if you need police, fire fighters, or medical help
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Provide your exact location, including street name and number if you have it
  • Listen carefully to what the call taker is telling you to do and follow their instructions

Report Crime & Suspicious Activity to Police

Always report crime or suspicious activity to police. Call Henrico Police non-emergency at (804) 501-5000 or 911 in an emergency. No matter how minor or embarrassing it may be, by reporting crime to police you help others from becoming victims. If you have information about a crime but wish to remain anonymous, you may submit your tip anonymously to Crime Stoppers through its P3Tips app or by calling (804) 780-1000.

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Learn more about the Henrico County Community Emergency Notification System and sign up at

Additional Resources

Get Involved

Henrico Police offers many opportunities to get involved:

Citizens Police Academies

We offer both a Citizens Police Academy and Senior Citizens Police Academy twice per year and once per year we offer a Youth Police Academy. To find out when the next academy will be held, watch for announcements online and our social media channels, or call 804-501-4838.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Division offers many opportunities for volunteers. From Motorist Assistance to clerical support, there are many ways you can become involved and support the Division through your skills and talents.

Neighborhood Watch

A partnership between residents and police, Neighborhood Watch helps reduce fear and crime where you live. Call (804) 501-4838 to find out if your neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch, or learn how you can start one.

Faith Community Coalition

Henrico Police is committed to protecting the public’s freedom of religion. By partnering with local faith leaders, Henrico Police provides support and crime-prevention training for places of worship to Faith Community Coalition members. To find out if your place of worship is part of the coalition, or to learn more, call (804) 501-4838.

TRIAD/SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together)

This group of active seniors are involved with police and sheriff’s departments to stay informed and engaged in senior safety. Henrico Police supports the group’s various programs and gives presentations at their meetings. For more information, or to join, call 804-501-4838.

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