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Volunteer Assistance Program

About the Program

This page describes the volunteer assistance component of the Community Maintenance Program. Volunteers are essential to the success of the Community Maintenance Program. They assist with helping the elderly or disabled clean and maintain their homes.

Typical activities include:

  • Yard cleaning such as cutting shrubs, raking leaves & cutting grass.
  • Moving trash and debris to the curb for pickup during community cleanups.
  • Painting, caulking and weatherproofing homes.
  • Minor home repairs such as replacing exterior trim, fixing window screens and other light carpentry work.
    “Volunteers provide an efficient and dedicated work force to help improve their communities. By developing partnerships with neighborhoods, civic associations, businesses, church and community-based organizations, we can prevent neighborhood deterioration in Henrico County.”

    Who Qualifies for Assistance?

    There are several ways for an individual to qualify for assistance. The four eligibility categories are:

    • Physical & Mental Capability – To meet this criteria, applicants must demonstrate that a serious medical or mental condition exists either on a permanent basis or as a long-term condition.
    • Financial Capability – This is determined by the individual’s most recent tax return and living expenses. Living expenses may include the following items: rent or mortgage, utilities, food and medical costs.
    • Family Resource Capability – An individual may qualify if they do not have any family members located within 50 miles of the Richmond area who are willing and able to assist the applicant.
    • Single Parent Status – Individuals who are working at least 36 hours per week with custody of one or more children under the age of 12 may qualify for assistance.



    Types of Assistance

    There are different levels of assistance provided through this program. They are evaluated periodically and revised as needed to provide the most efficient and productive use of resources. Below are the types of assistance currently available:

    This assistance program brings together a group of individuals or an organization with a person needing assistance. The organization agrees to provide assistance to a homeowner for necessary maintenance such as yard work, painting, trash removal, etc. Materials needed will be provided by the homeowner, donated by businesses or community-based organizations and/or Henrico County. The adopting organization performs the work needed. With this type of assistance the County links people with needs to organizations that can help.

    Mission Programs
    From time to time there are various mission programs which are working in the Richmond Metro area. The Community Maintenance Division acts as a facilitator to bring together these volunteers and people who need assistance. An example of this type of program is the Impact Virginia Mission, which came into the Lakeside area during 1998 and painted six homes of elderly and/or disabled citizens.

    Community Outreach Program
    This program works to develop a network among the County’s churches, civic leagues and businesses that will link the community assistance/outreach of these organizations with the needs of residents, within the various areas of the County.

    Contractor’s Assistance
    This program is intended to address the needs of homeowners who have serious structural problems with their homes. Services range from technical assistance to the homeowner, such as getting estimates for the cost of the needed repairs, to acquiring resources to reduce the costs of repairs.

    Community Maintenance Cleanups
    These events are regularly scheduled on Saturdays and are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to dispose of trash, debris, and junk. A community cleanup is a great opportunity for churches, scout troops, and others to provide assistance to fellow County residents in beautifying our neighborhoods and the community. Click here for more information on our Community Cleanup Program.

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