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Laurel Recreation Area & Skate Park

10301 Hungary Spring Road | Glen Allen, VA   23060 | (804) 501-7275

Laurel Skate Park Update

[Aug 2, 2021] Laurel is currently open for use. Thank you for your patience as we complete this large-scale maintenance effort.

The bowl was filled in and the entire area refinished in smooth concrete, as more areas of smooth, skate-able surfaces were requested by the community. 

The vertical ramp has been removed. It was structurally compromised and beyond its useful life. We have ordered (smaller) replacement ramps based on the feedback we received from the skating community that lower ramps are what is preferred. 

Our staff have received and read a variety of feedback and opinions on this project. Many of these changes are for safety concerns, first and foremost. 

We are also planning a brand new park, Taylor Farm Park, and have a large skate park planned as a centerpiece of that park development. We intend to work with the skate community on the design details to make sure it is constructed correctly, with all the right features, from the outset. We intend it to be comparable to the park in Charlottesville, a site that has come up often for comparison. Share your input on Taylor Skate Park

Laurel Skate Park features skate park amenities, athletic fields, playground, and a picnic shelter.

Laurel Skate Park General Rules

  • Skate at your own risk.
  • Equipment:
    • Only skateboards, BMX with Gyro, non-motorized scooters, in-line skates and Heelys are permitted.
    • Helmets are required and must be worn at all times. 
    • Protective equipment such as wrist guard, knee pads, and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
    • Bikes must have at least one hand brake.
  • Prohibited:
    • Smoking
    • Food or Drinks (except water)
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Glass Containers
    • Pets 
    • Profanity
    • Reckless or Rowdy Behavior
    • Tandem Riding (two on the same board)
    • Loitering inside Skate Park
    • Skating or Boarding in the Parking Lot
Hours of Operation

Open daily from dawn to dusk, weather permitting


Baseball/Softball Baseball/ Softball
Concession Concession
Open Play Area Open Play Area
Picnic Area Picnic Area
Picnic Reservations Picnic Reservations
Picnic Shelter Picnic Shelter
Play Equipment Play Equipment
Restrooms Restrooms
Soccer/Football Soccer/ Football
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