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Guide to Local Redistricting for 2021
Existing Magisterial Districts

2021 Reapportionment FAQs

Is this the same as “Redistricting”
It is the same as redistricting the voting districts. The use of the term “Reapportionment” is meant to reflect a different procedure from school redistricting.

Will this change where my child goes to school?
No, magisterial districts are not the same as school districts. Your child(ren) will go to school the same place they have been before unless that is changed by the School Board.

Will this change where I vote?
It may change where you vote. Any changes to precincts and polling places will sent to registered voters who are affected to notify them of any changes. If you do not receive a notification of changes utilize the same polling place as you have in the past.

When will these changes take affect?
By law the County must take action by the end of the calendar year. Tentatively, the Board is scheduled to vote on new districts in December.

Will this affect my voting this November?
No, this will not affect the voting in the November 2020 elections. The earliest these changes would take affect would be in 2022.

Why is the being done?
The Virginia Constitution requires localities balance their voting districts based on the results of the decennial census.

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